About Us

Clone Smart Shop is a story that began at the end of 2018. Initially, it started as an idea among a few friends, but in only a couple of months, this idea became a company. Located in Wagna, Austria, the store opened its doors to customers in April 2019.

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In our company, we strive to offer the best quality – the healthiest Cannabis clones with a strong root system exclusively for ornamental use. Every strain we offer comes from the mothers of the same genetics, so there aro no »intruders« of a different phenotype among the plants.

Clones come from healthy, prospering mothers, which we carefully cultivate and prune in our lab. The lab where we grow mother plants is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and follows the highest hygienic standards.

After pruning, the clones are moved to a different lab – one that meets ideal conditions for root growth thanks to adequate moisture and temperature.

With our methods, the clones thrive and can, therefore, be quickly offered to customers for whom we choose only the best.

Although we are a new company on the market, our team is experienced enough, as well as eager for new knowledge. Every day we learn and improve our techniques for the best results.


Clone Smart Shop

Marburgerstrasse 109

8435 Wagna


E-MAIL: shop@clonesmartshop.eu

UID: ATU68266100